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the queendom hidden in you.

Looks that Make…

you Special!

At Mimi Saab, we stand to bring out the queendom hidden in you with timeless, sophisticated, and eloquent fashion statements, styling, and makeup. We revolutionize the beauty industry and take strides to bring power and prowess to femininity. With Mimi Saab, timeless beauty and luxury are in your hands.

Signature Beauty & Makeup Services

Eyes that Speak

Fell in love with a look on Instagram? Our beauty artists can help you with the season’s best eye makeup looks that you would love.

Perfect Foundation Match

Our A-list beauty artists can help you find your perfect shade and coverage for your skin tone. Get your free consultation now.

Glowing Skin

Get the kind of skin that needs no filter. Let our makeup artists build a custom skin care regimen that caters to your skin type & specific needs.

Tips, tools & tricks

Mimi Saab’s Masterclass by Sadaf offers a riveting new approach to delivering beauty education via an online platform from a proud Pakistani-owned brand. The knowledge is endless: from getting the perfect cat eye liner every time, to using color theory to make your eye bags disappear, let the Mimi Saab Masterclass work its magic and make you a queen of beauty

Meet the Artist & Explore the Brand

Mimi Saab is a Houston-based brand that was forged by Sadaf with over 16 years of experience navigating the ins and outs of the beauty world. From skin care secrets to perfecting different makeup looks on clients of all skin tones and types, Sadaf boasts a wide arsenal of tips and tricks to pass on to those wanting to get a better grasp on their makeup journey. With over 100 makeup projects from servicing weddings to fashion shows under her belt, your makeup journey has never been in better hands.

Need a Flawless Makeover?

You’re at the right place. We glam you to look best with: